Resume Services
Professional Resume

Perfect for entry-level employees all the way to junior managers
Executive Resume

Crafted to appeal to top-level execs, board members and headhunters
Cover letter writing

A cover letter introduces you to potential employers and should always accompany a resume.
Resume analysis

We assess the quality and effectiveness of your resume through a standardized evaluation process, letting you know how you resume looks to the eyes of an employer.
Online Presence
Want to build a strong presence on the web but not sure how to do it? We’ll assess your current online presence, develop a strategy, set up 5 new profiles on sites such as Google, Twitter, Quiker, LinkedIn and Facebook, and coach you through using them to best effect.
Job Search Letters
Finding the right words to introduce yourself can be a challenge. Add this service to any resume, and we’ll craft an introductory cover letter along with a ‘thank you’ note to send after interviews. Both letters will be tailored to complement your new resume.
Target Employer Research
One key to a successful job search is contacting potential employers directly. We’ll create a custom listing of target companies and even dig out contact information so you can get in touch with key decision-makers
Express Services
Get your resume in 2 working days by paying INR 2000* more
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